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Events 2016

Coming up at Sunrise Farm:

Easter Conference 25 – 28 March

Sunrise Farm IrelandAnanda Marga UK and Ireland region warmly invites you to their Easter conference which will take place at Ananda Bharati, Sunrise Farm, Derroran, Ireland between Friday 25th and Monday 28th March. It will be a pleasure to spend our spring in Ireland as it has been 5 years since we held an Easter event there and much has developed since that time. Those who wish to stay longer either before or after are welcome to.


Sustainability in the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Realms.


Early Bird
(deadline 4th March 23:59)
Adult – Employed €100.00 £85.00 €85.00 £65.00
Adult – Unemployed/student €70.00 £55.00 €65.00 £50.00
Child 12-18 Years €70.00 £55.00 €65.00 £50.00
Child 11 Years and Under 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00


To pay in € please register here:

To pay in £ please register here:


The nearest airport is Shannon, with Ryanair and Aer Lingus operating.

Coaches from Dublin to Portumna:
The cheapest bus from Dublin is Kearns Transport. It leaves from the corner of O’ Connel street and Cathal Brugha Street and goes to Portumna which is only 20 minutes away from the farm and is an easy pickup, Mon-Thur leaves 5pm and 6pm, Fri-Sat 1pm and 6pm and Sun 3pm, 6pm, 10:30pm. It cost 10 euros or 15 return and takes just over 3 hours.

Sail Rail from UK train stations to Dublin, you can combine the train and sail fares for a discounted rate from


Beds available both onsite and potentially in 2 neighbours houses.

Thanks for your interest. More info soon to come…


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Sisters LFT Training

6th August – 6th September

For women who have a strong interest to follow a spiritual lifestyle.
You will return home afterwards spiritually charged and committed to do service for others with your spiritual practises renewed and your body and spirit revitalised.

Located in the quiet countryside of County Clare with delicious home grown organic food the Sunrise farm is the perfect venue for a spiritually enlightening experience.

Daily Schedule


kiirtan, meditation, yoga, walk, breakfast and a class in spiritual ideology

Before lunch:

Work on the land, working amidst the blueberries plants and vegetable gardens and picking food for lunch.
Kiirtan followed by meditation


There will be a hands on class in cooking healthy vegetarian and Vegan food as well as how to create gluten free options.

After lunch:

We will share a period of silence to reflect on our gratitude and connection to the universe. Afternoon will be classes on PROUT and practical methods to create a more sustainable world.


Kiirtan, meditation, light supper followed by avarta kiirtan (in 6 directions)

There will be free time to enjoy walks in the countryside or swims in the waterfall or the 2nd longest lake in Ireland, Loughderg. There will be a trip to meditate on Holy Island an old celtic and christian monastic site as well as a trip to the Cliffs of Moher a stupendous view overlooking the Atlantic.

LFT training is specific for those who want to volunteer and work to further Ananda Margas mission of “self realisation and service to all”.

There will be a special SPT training of 3 days and an exam to follow.
Others are welcome to come along for their personal spiritual
The cost is €350 for the entire program or €100 per week.
There will be an additional charge of £40 for the rail and sail to England for the sisters retreat.

Your welcome to come for just the first week to recharge your spirit and get back into a yogic lifestyle.

Welcoming you on a journey to discover your deepest inner self and enhance your yogic life

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